Ontario government gives LSIFs one more year

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In its 2007 Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, the Ontario government announced that it will extend the LSIF tax credit one more year to 2011. The current 15% credit will now continue until 2009 before the credit is reduced 5% each year, vanishing entirely for the 2012 tax year.

The government is also boosting to $7,500 the amount that you can invest in an LSIF and qualify for the tax credit, up from the current $5,000. It says this “will provide an estimated $38 million in additional financial support to the industry over three years.”

That may be an optimistic figure, but it’s a bit of a reprieve for the LSIF industry. They must see that as a good sign since hardly anyone took up their cause during the election, and Roger Martin’s Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity in its recent annual report [PDF] implored the government not to back down on the phase-out of the tax credit (and even to speed it up).

Self-learning hearing technologies: Cameron Hay, Unitron of Kitchener

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Cameron Hay, Unitron, at a Communitech Techworking BreakfastCameron Hay, President and CEO, Unitron Hearing, was the speaker at Communitech’s Dec 12 Techworking “Breakfast with the Boss.”  The coolest thing I learned about Unitron was about the self-learning hearing aid tech, which is a technology which, over time, mroe accurately self-adjusts to match the use of its wearer. Neato stuff.

Unitron, a global maker of hearing instruments and technology, is quite a unique ride in Waterloo Region — it’s one of the oldest tech firms around (since 1964), and it’s one of the most international, too. While most of us are trying to strategize our approach the US market, Unitron’s had a foothold worldwide since the very beginning, with just 7% of its customer base in Canada, 38% in the US and the rest in europe and asia.

The cool part about Unitron’s core tech is they’ve moved the market from being an assistive medical device to being something of a fashion accessory, despite its necessity as an assistive device for the hearing impaired. Seen here, Cam’s standing in front of an image of Unitron’s Indigo product- just one of their offerings which has shifted from being marketed as a medical ware to a lifestyle choice. It’s just one of the way Unitron’s remained competitive in the market.

 By the numbers:

 1964  …. established in Kitchener

76 countries … geographic regions Unitron is selling in

26 languages … the scope of translations of Unitron’s marketing messages

10%  … of the world’s population experiences some hearing loss

70% … of hearing impaired are under the age of 75

30% … of hearing impaired which experience noticable hearing loss;

10% … of which can benefit from Unitron’s products…

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~ Thom

When a Peer2Peer hands you lemons…. make fruit salad

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The Strategic Marketing Peer2Peer group had an interesting discussion this morning around “The Clarity Experience.” The presentation was led by Jay Paterson of Empowered Wealth.

Jay opened with an exercise in how beginning dialogue with a positive focus is a better way to better engage your audience, and moved on to a demonstration of the importance of understanding context in order to market effectively.

Volunteer Rick Niesiobedzki of Recursive Design was handed multiple “solutions” to his challenges in the form of various pieces of fruit. But without the benefit of context, the solutions were meaningless. Enter “context” in the form of a fruit basket to rescue Rick from juggling breakfast.

Rick Niesiobedzki, Recursive Design

Is anybody else hungry?

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